October Preparations September 29 2015

Been extremely busy getting everything prepared, but with October right around the corner I wanted to pop in for a quick update that we're still on track to begin selling and shipping the Power Laces beta units in a matter of weeks. We've been having trouble finding a supplier for some custom cut metal for the activation switch that fits our budget so it's yet another thing that we'll be...

Our first Advert August 03 2015

We wanted to get our first advert for the Universal edition out there to announce the launch date, and will be unveiling more live shots and demos leading up to the shipping date. It's been quite a ride!

Electronics- done! June 01 2015

And now the electronics have all been integrated! Part of the challenge was minimizing components while enhancing functionality. The hardware is mostly done, just some cosmetic work needs to be finalized. Now my consultant and I are writing and debugging the firmware- going to be some long nights of caffeine supplemented coding. But basically what all this means is that we will indeed be launching soon!

Moving to bigger and better! June 01 2015

After the last update I had to temporarily suspend work so that we could move to our new manufacturing space! As mentioned previously, to save money I've been living in the workshop but after hiring some staff that's gotten more difficult. Plus we really need more space to expand production.  It's with a bit of a heavy heart that I leave San Francisco for Oakland, but for a third of...

Mechanical Parts April 15 2015

As manufacturing is getting closer, I'm going to try and stick to a biweekly update schedule to keep everyone abreast of our progress.Shown here is a few of the gear housings that have been resin cast. The fiberglass filler has made this and the other parts stand up nicely to the stress tests. Now that we've got enough of the mechanical parts made for the first production run, the next...

Resin Casting March 30 2015

After getting the casing vacuum formed (and solving a deformation issue that popped up) we're now mass producing the mechanical and structural innards of the device. Custom metal parts, especially gears, usually require minimum orders that can be upwards of $10K, so from the beginning we designed the parts to be easily cast from engineering resin which has desirable mechanical properties. Fiber glass filling is also used to further strengthen...

Making the case March 30 2015

The casing is being mass vacuum formed and should arrive shortly. Then it's just a matter of integrating some laser cut aluminum elements and putting all the pieces together. We'll have a complete unit soon to demonstrate and then the rollout will begin shortly thereafter. We'll be working on updating the site to more precisely detail the distribution. Pretty exciting stuff and we're excited to show it off more in...

2015 Update January 11 2015

It would be quite the understatement to say that it's been awhile since my last Main Page update, so please excuse the brevity/Wall of Text that is to follow. I wanted to summarize the last few cycles and the obstacles before getting to where we're at now. I'll try to answer a lot of the questions I've received as well and include them below. First off I'll come right out...
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