Resin Casting March 30 2015

After getting the casing vacuum formed (and solving a deformation issue that popped up) we're now mass producing the mechanical and structural innards of the device. Custom metal parts, especially gears, usually require minimum orders that can be upwards of $10K, so from the beginning we designed the parts to be easily cast from engineering resin which has desirable mechanical properties. Fiber glass filling is also used to further strengthen the gearing system and such.

Below is our test silicone mold, to do some experimentation on a few of the components before ramping up to full production. There is a bubbling issue and we've placed an order for a vacuum chamber to solve that. But the tolerances are very high and the reproduced parts all fit together smoothly so we're able to continue forward with production- now we just need to get a whole lot of silicone and resin!