Here we'll answer a few frequently asked questions about the Power Laces product.


Can the Power Laces unit be worn with any shoe?

The device is meant to be used with adult sized shoes that have standard eyelets (the little holes the laces thread through). The anchor screw pins included are 5mm in diameter and fit most standard shoe eyelets.

Shoes made of soft or flexible materials have tested best, like sneakers and trainers.

For a secure fit, the device requires a pair of eyelets around the top opening of the shoe- this is where the tension is focused. The device also needs eyelets lower down to secure the main portion of the unit.


Are Power Laces waterproof?

Power Laces is are water resistant enough to handle standard rain and snow fall. They should not be completely submerged. If this occurs power off the device and allow time to dry before activating.


What’s the battery life like?

Each Power Laces unit is energized by a 1,200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. The highest energy draw occurs during motor activation (lacing and unlacing), and the circuitry is in a low power resting state in-between these cycles. As such, each unit is capable of lasting for several days between charges with normal use.

We recommend powering off the unit when not being worn, and charging the devices overnight with the included wall charger.


What if I'm not able to touch the activation face plate?

The current system requires a light tap to adjust the tension of the laces. We are researching and developing methods for complete hands free use in future products.


How do I install this to a compatible pair of shoes?

Instructions are included with the product- installation can usually be done without the use of tools in under 5 minutes. Assistance may be required for individuals with motor difficulties.

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